Force protection boost [CANSEC2016D1]

25 May 2016

Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) surface ships are to receive a force protection upgrade with the installation of a new Naval Remote Weapon Station (NRWS) based on Rafael’s Mini-Typhoon product line.

Raytheon Canada (Booth 1223), as prime contractor, has been awarded two contracts aggregating to C$36 million to install NRWS systems on RCN vessels. Public Works and Procurement Canada is the contracting agent.

RCN warships currently rely on manually operated 0.50 calibre heavy machine guns and 7.62mm machine guns. With these new NRWS systems, operators will now be able to remotely observe and locate targets under various environmental conditions (day or night, rain, snow, smoke, dust/ sand, haze, fog and various sea/ air temperatures, as well as other conditions affecting visibility) from a separate compartment on board the ship, which will increase the safety and protection of the ship’s crew.

Raytheon Canada has partnered with Israeli company Rafael to deliver a variant of the latter’s Mini-Typhoon for the NRWS requirement.

Derived from Rafael’s larger Typhoon weapon mount, the Mini-Typhoon system offers day and night surveillance, ballistics processing, auto-tracking and fire control.

Either a 0.50 cal or 7.6mm machine gun can be installed on the Mini-Typhoon mounting, which is stabilised to an accuracy of 0.5mrad. Up to 230 rounds of ammunition can be carried on-mount.

Raytheon Canada’s scope of supply includes NRWS systems for the 12 Halifax-class frigates and two new Queenston-class Joint Support Ships, as well as two trainer NRWS systems for shore-based training facilities on the east and west coasts.

NRWS deliveries are scheduled to commence in August 2017.

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