Risk under control [CANSEC2016D1]

25 May 2016

Risk management is not a new concept, however the process in which the threat and risk are documented has become very much more comprehensive, generating a wide and relatively lucrative service industry and certification procedure.

There are now several fields in which documented risk management has become mandatory, such as force protection, project management and financial risk management, among many others. Managers are being held accountable and make serious decisions based on threat risk analysis (TRA).

The proper interpretation of the threat acts as the very foundation of the TRA.

Ontario-based DBHS Security Consulting Inc (Booth 930) is a leading consultant in security and training. It offers elite Functional Threat Risk Analysis (FTRA) services for operations, projects and high-risk facilities, emphasising the need for a team of experienced analysts, capable of making critical decisions involving risk.

Every DBHS FTRA is tailored to the client’s explicit needs and requirements. This intelligence-based process is especially useful for operations and projects with a moderate to high threat/risk potential or when the decision is critical.

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