Finding the way [CANSEC2016D1]

25 May 2016

Ottawa-headquartered Twenty20 Insight Inc (Booth 728) is promoting several products from well known companies, including the northfinding and rangefinding solutions of Vectronix, the long-established Swiss company now part of the SAFRAN Group.

The Vectronix OEM modules are fully integrable into existing handhelds, weapon mounts, land vehicles, remote weapon stations, UAVs/UGVs and vessels. System integration, customisation and support are offered with each OEM unit, plus a robust and flexible so ware interface.

Its laser rangefinder units are built to military speci cations, yielding high performance and eyesafe modules that have been fielded in some 100,000 electro-optical devices and systems worldwide.

For northfinding, Vectronix’s DMC is claimed to be the most accurate and reliable digital magnetic compass available, with its low weight and power consumption contributing to the agility and sustainability of foot soldiers. Most soldier modernisation programmes rely on DMCs to orient map displays, to navigate in GPS-denied areas, and to locate threats by laser rangefinder or thermal imager.

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