SOFEX 2016

Royal Automobile Museum expands remit [SOFEX16D3]

12 May 2016

HM King Abdullah II inaugurated the Royal Automobile Museum in 2003, which is the first public automotive museum in the Arab world, and serves as a fitting tribute to the late King Hussein.

The museum has more than 100 cars, with some of these dating from as early at 1907, and includes some very rare vehicles.

One such rarity is the 1952 Lincoln Capri Convertible that was used for the coronation of King Hussein in 1953. The museum also has that 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing that was raced by King Hussein at the local Rumman Hill Climb.

Jordan is also in the process of establishing an armour museum and at SOFEX showed an US M8 Greyhound (6x6) light armoured car that was built in 1944 and was also used by many countries in the post Second World War period (pictured).

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