SOFEX 2016

Not so blind [SOFEX16D3]

12 May 2016

Renowned Czech weapons maker FK-Brno (Hall 1, Stand B151) is attracting attention at SOFEX with its exhibition hall poster headlined ‘The Blind Sniper’.

Behind this concept is a system that results in first-time shooters getting trained to be proficient within an hour.

According to production manager Ivo Mikuš, most competitor sniper systems today are so advanced and complex that a trainee spends the better part of a day simply figuring out how things work.

“This is a system comprising the 6,5 rifle with a modified Mauser action and specially designed conical barrel and lightweight polymer stock, the well-tried 6,5x55 SE cartridge and a proprietary scope,” he said.

“Both the rifle and cartridge are normally used for hunting, but it served our purpose admirably to provide this novel solution.”

Given the very real challenge to master the art of long-range shooting, the company developed a system that not only made it easier for new shooters, but also encouraged them through achieving quick and practical field success.

FK-Brno’s Blind Sniper system addresses a novice’s fear of high-powered rifle firing. This often involves anxiety of recoil, flinch and sound effects, range and wind estimations, trajectory calculations and the heavy weight of these cumbersome rifles.

Mikuš said the trainee has only to align the usual mil/mil calculation scales in the 6-24x56 variable power scope with the target. Being calibrated to the special loads in the cartridge and barrel used in this rifle, everything else is taken care of. In no time, the novice is able to hit targets consistently and accurately at 800m.

FK-Brno is located in the ancient city of Brno, long known worldwide for quality and craftsmanship in the manufacture of weapons.

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