SOFEX 2016

No fair fight [SOFEX16D3]

12 May 2016

Considering the integrated electronic warfare capabilities offered by DRS Technologies (Hall 6, Stand C612), it is no wonder its marketing material refers to “Nobody wants a fair fight”.

DRS brings a completely networked, collaborative and integrated set of EW capabilities to enable domination of the spectrum in complex terrain. In essence, the objective is to “own the enemy’s battlespace”.

The integrated EW system has a modular, IP-based architecture, allowing subsystems such as portable manpacks to “plug and play” with each other to increase robustness. It has been demonstrated with subsystems configured 35km from each other and with target ranges more than 100km distant. The networks have been proven with a variety of physical links, including high- and low-bandwidth radio, microwave and SATCOM.

Commanders have at their disposal electronic support (ES) to locate and target the enemy, following which electronic attack (EA) is initiated to blind and deafen the enemy. The EA subsystem performs an analysis of the battlefield environment to ensure the most effective disruption of the enemy’s C2.

The mission supervisor in a mobile or deployed EW operations centre has the capability to direct a large contingent of ES, manpack and EA units. Besides mission tasking, the supervisor can dynamically retask as required and collect the results into a data management subsystem for review of the mission effectiveness and future planning.

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