SOFEX 2016

Rosomak grows into a wolf [SOFEX16D3]

12 May 2016

The Polish Armaments Group (Hall 1, Stand C128) has proposed a new 120mm direct fire support vehicle called Wolf.

This is based on the Rosomak (8x8) platform, which is now in service with the Polish Army and is also now being delivered to the United Arab Emirates to meet an urgent operational requirement.

The direct fire version of the Rosomak would be fitted with the Belgian CMI Defence XC-8 120 HP (High Pressure) concept turret system. This is armed with a 120mm L/50 smoothbore gun that is fed by a bustle-mounted automatic loader, which has enabled the turret crew to be reduced to commander and gunner.

The fully stabilised 120mm smoothbore gun is fitted with a pepper pot-type muzzle brake, fume extractor, thermal sleeve and a muzzle reference system.

In addition to firing all standard 120mm NATO qualified tank rounds, it also has the potential to fire a laser guided projectile (LGP) out to a maximum range of 5,000m. This LGP is fitted with a tandem high-explosive anti-tank warhead to neutralise targets fitted with explosive reactive armour. A computerised day/night fire control system is fitted, which allows stationary and moving targets to be engaged with a high first round hit probability.

The Rosomak is essentially a Polish-built version of the Finnish Patria Armoured Modular Vehicle (AMV) for which the first customer was the Finnish Defence Force (FDF). In addition to deploying an armoured personnel carrier version, the FDF also deploys a version armed with the twin 120mm Advanced Mortar System.

Other users of the AMV include Croatia, Slovenia, South Africa (now in production as the Badger) and Sweden.

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