SOFEX 2016

Fits like a glove [SOFEX16D3]

12 May 2016

Aglove with a laser designator makes so much sense in the helicopter cockpit where the pilot’s workload is already heavy. Developed by Jean Soucaze Soudat of French firm Desman (Hall 1, Stand B110), the multifunction on-glove LD-120 H LA illuminator is designed to free the hands of pilots and aircrew in combat operations.

The lightweight device is so small and unobtrusive that it almost forms part of the glove. It is attached to the index finger by means of a three-strap fastener, with the power supply fixed to the forearm.

According to Soucaze Soudat, the adjustable laser beam is powerful enough to designate targets several kilometres distant.

“It is essentially an IR light, which is meant for use at night, at any night-time light level, as the beam is visible only with the use of night-vision equipment,” he said.

“If the pilot needs a wider beam IR illumination, it can be done instantly with the twist of the front ring of the laser.”

The device is powered by two commercial batteries. The laser source is a single-mode laser diode of 120mW, with the wavelength 830nm invisible laser radiation.

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