SOFEX 2016

Integrated combat training [SOFEX16D3]

12 May 2016

Shown for the first time by Italian company Vitrociset (Hall 1, Stand B137) is the Integrated Combat Training System, a modular, scalable, flexible and deployable solution for training troops.

The system has been designed to help the customer plan, prepare, execute and evaluate the mission according to an operational cycle concept (training, planning, mission rehearsal/execution and after-action review), that enables users to leverage simulation through all the operational phases. Software tools, integrated capabilities, situational awareness and tactical effectiveness work together in customised scenarios on training and in combat operations.

The system has been tested in several missions in theatre of operations and is designed with attention to extreme conditions usage (tactical military usage).

Vitrociset architecture is based on innovative and flexible live and virtual immersive systems.

The overall dismounted suite facilitates every type of training (individual or collective) almost anywhere and can be applied to dismounted soldiers, vehicles, aircraft and more. The deployable and scalable (soldier, JTAC, pilot, aircrew, sniper, and so on) nature of the system boosts the training experience in support of operational needs. It includes a battlefield management system, integrated within the virtual world, which enables a range of units (airmobile, airborne, special forces), to plan in the field with precision and proficiency. Maps, elevations, fields of fire, danger close evaluations and 3D area assessment can be performed with a single touch.

Vitrociset also provides a dynamic, realistic close quarters battle training system for range systems shoot houses, the Integrated Training Operations Command Post, live-fire shooting range training with its portable small arms training simulator, and customised real combat packages.

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