SOFEX 2016

Shine a light [SOFEX16D3]

12 May 2016

Night-time operations require light of various kinds, which is the solution provided by Australian company Trakka Systems (Hall 1, Stand B104) .

Making use of its custom Xenon lamp technology, which requires half the power of traditional searchlights, the TrakkaBeam A800 advanced searchlight is used in airborne, marine, law enforcement and a range of other applications.

According to business development and specialised sales support official, Ian Winkworth, a key advantage of the A800 is that up to six filters can be activated at the touch of a button from inside the cockpit. “These filters cover the range from extreme covert infrared to ultra-violet, which is especially useful to reduce the glare from fog, snow or moisture, and to enhance natural colour in the target field,” he explained.

The searchlight’s aerodynamic design results in low parasitic drag and reduces bulk and weight.

Winkworth said the unit is easy to install, while the design also reduces costly maintenance with the highest proven mean time between failures in the industry.

The A800 has been certified to DO-160F standards in labs in the US, Germany and Australia.

Trakka Systems uses the same technologies in its TLX model and in the TrakkaBeam M800, which is ideal for fixed or motorised mounting platforms. It is available in a ruggedised platform for severe duty applications.

The company prides itself on developing counter-terrorism solutions, notably stabilised electro-optic platforms, based on its proprietary design and operating blueprint of the currently fielded Vehicle Optical Sensor System programme.

“We offer adjacent applications, marine and airborne systems,” said Dan Kiehl, executive vice president, global operations.

“Besides being able to integrate with other sensors for a complete integrated situational awareness system, Trakka Systems leverages other technologies for applications such as infrastructure, border and base security.”

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