SOFEX 2016

A uniform for every occasion [SOFEX16D3]

12 May 2016

Turkish textiles specialist Kilim Group is displaying some of its military and security uniforms here at SOFEX (Hall 1, Stand A102). The company began production in 1953 and has grown to become Turkey’s major textile producer in the global market. Its facility integrates all stages of the production process, from yarn production and dyeing to finished products. Kilim is the official uniform manufacturer for the Turkish Armed Forces and has exported widely in the military and law enforcement sectors.

Its military uniforms cover requirements ranging from snow, desert and mountain, to woodland and open ground camouflages.

Different material weights are available to match the prevailing climatic environment, and camouflage schemes range from traditional disruptive patterns to modern digital camouflage. Kilim also supplies police, office and ceremonial uniforms.

Special properties can be added, such as water and oil repellency, flame retardance and resistance to bacteria and insects. Windproof fabrics are used in uniforms for snow or arctic use, while those for hotter climes can include moisture management air circulation.

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