SOFEX 2016

Hand-fired precision [SOFEX16D2]

11 May 2016

Raytheon is displaying part of its portfolio of missiles, focusing on the smaller end of the range that is applicable to helicopters, UAVs, vehicles and the smaller platforms that are often used to support special operations.

Also on show is the Pike (top), a laser-guided missile that weighs less than 2lb. It measures 16.8in in length and has a calibre of 40mm.

This allows it to be fired from 40mm grenade launchers such as the Heckler & Koch M320 and FN Herstal Mk 13.

Raytheon claims Pike is the world’s first hand-fired precision munition. It would typically be deployed by two-person teams, with one soldier designating the target with a pistol-style designator and the other firing the munition.

Pike is not only intended for soldier use, but could also be fired from platforms such as small UAVs, all-terrain vehicles, various remotely operated weapon stations and from small vessels.

As well as Pike, Raytheon (Hall 6, Stand C662) is promoting the TOW 2 and Javelin anti-tank missiles, Pyros small tactical munition for UAVs (below) and Talon laser-guided rocket.

Developed in conjunction with the UAE, Talon is a guidance kit that turns a standard 2.75in (70mm) unguided rocket into a precision-guided munition.

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