SOFEX 2016

Ajban SOV awaits green light [SOFEX16D2]

11 May 2016

Nimr Automotive, part of Emirates Defence Industries (Hall 1, Stand B126) has expanded its range of wheeled vehicles with the development of a special operations vehicle (SOV) model of the Nimr Ajban (4x4) platform.

The company is already in quantity production of the standard Ajban (4x4) and Hafeet (6x6) family of vehicles.

These are being marketed in various armoured and unarmoured configurations and numerous body configurations to meet a wide range of user requirements.

Development of the Ajban SOV commenced in September 2014, with the first example shown at IDEX in Abu Dhabi early in 2015. Since then the vehicle has undergone extensive user trials and was recently exhibited in Malaysia before coming to SOFEX.

The Ajban SOV typically has seats for its crew of four, plus an additional seat for the gunner, with a load area at the rear. It is provided with rollover protection and can be fitted with various types of weapons, including a 7.62mm machine gun alongside the driver. A ring-type mount is on top, on which various weapons can be installed, including a .50 M2 HB machine gun and automatic grenade launcher.

Nimr Automotive is quoting a SOV gross vehicle weight of 7,500kg, of which 3,000kg is payload, which allows for crew, weapons, fuel, water and an appliqué armour kit.

To reduce through-lifecycle costs, this family of high-mobility vehicles shares many common components, such as diesel engine, automatic transmission and complete driveline.

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