SOFEX 2016

Al-Wahsh ready for production [SOFEX16D2]

11 May 2016

The King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) (Hall 5) is launching its latest Al-Wahsh (4x4) armoured personnel carrier (APC).

This is based on a Czech Republic Tatra (4x4) cross-country chassis, which is fitted with an armour protected body providing ballistic protection to STANAG 4569 Level 1-2.

In addition to the commander and driver, the vehicle can carry eight dismounts, seated four on either side, on blast-attenuating seats that fold up to allow cargo to be carried.

A wide range of weapons can be installed on the roof, including pintle-mounted machine guns, protected weapon stations and remote weapon stations armed with weapons up to 30mm in calibre.

One of the Al-Wahsh being shown at SOFEX is fitted with a Turkish Aselsan Anti-Tank Missile Launching System with mockups of four missiles in the ready-to-launch position, plus a 7.62mm machine gun mounted coaxially to the right. On each corner of the roof is a bank of four electrically operated smoke grenade launchers.

The Al-Wahsh APC is powered by a 370hp diesel coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission, giving a top road speed of 110km/h and a maximum operating range of 600km.

In addition to the baseline APC, the vehicle is being marketed for other roles, such as ambulance, internal security vehicle, command and control vehicle, logistic support vehicle and weapons carrier. KADDB said development of the Al-Wahsh is complete and production can begin when orders are placed.

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