SOFEX 2016

Keep an eye out [SOFEX16D2]

11 May 2016

Accurate ranging has become indispensable to Special Operations and other military forces. Th is prompted Canadian firm Newcon Optik (Hall 1, Stand C110) to introduce its Seeker series of mountable rangefinders.

Comprising the Seeker S and Seeker M, this series of versatile and lightweight rangefinder modules can be bore-sighted to practically any optical system. Th is includes binoculars, spotting scopes and thermal imagers, as well as to be mounted onto rifles or integrated into fi re control systems. Th e MIL-SPEC Seeker M and S devices have a NATO target measurement range of 3,000m and 2,000m respectively.

“The critical elements in our design of the Seeker series were modularity and ease of integration,” explained Aaron Buckstein, vice president of sales and business development. “We wanted our customers to get rapid, accurate target data and seamlessly process, analyse and use that information in their own systems.”

He said the devices are suitable for various applications, including tactical, law enforcement and Special Forces missions.

A brand-new product is Newcon Optik’s LRM 3550M, a pocket-sized laser rangefinder monocular designed to outperform other devices of its class. Its rugged, waterproof and shockproof design makes it ideal for military, navy and law enforcement operations in the most challenging conditions.

With an eye-safe 1,550nm laser, and able to measure up to 3,500m, it has a built-in compass, inclinometer and GPS receiver.

This enables operators to acquire their own and the target’s coordinates. The data output port on the LRM 3500M enables communication with various peripheral devices, such as smartphones and tablets running Android-based software

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