SOFEX 2016

Striving for peace [SOFEX16D1]

10 May 2016

His Royal Highness Prince Feisal Bin Al Hussein has no doubt that SOFEX, the only exhibition of its kind in the Middle East and Africa, is a Jordanian success story.

“SOFEX represents a milestone in the chapter of world events,” Prince Feisal said, “and it also represents clear evidence of His Majesty King Abdullah II’s vision to organise an exhibition exclusively for special operations issues as early as 1996. The show has continued to grow and with this growth, Jordan has gained a paramount ranking amongst the world’s biggest specialised defence exhibitions.”

Prince Feisal pointed to the fact that many countries are encountering great challenges and dangers at this very critical stage.

“The Middle East region is rife with conflicts and is experiencing political, economic and social instability, which threaten national, regional and global security,” he said. “SOFEX centres on all that matters for special operations, peacekeeping forces, defence supplies, areas of training and organisation. It features displays of fully integrated and innovative technologies and cutting-edge equipment for land, air and naval operations, and for enhancing homeland security.

“SOFEX is especially important as it represents a meeting place for decision makers and everyone interested in establishing and reinforcing national and public security across the world. It brings together small and medium-size companies, international defence equipment manufacturers and developers, along with government leaders and senior army officers from around the world. The three-day exhibition, which begins with the Special Operations Forces Commanders Conference, opens the door for cooperation, building partnerships and giving an insight into the latest solutions and the most up-to- date equipment that optimise the law enforcers’ role. Security challenges threatening world countries require concerted efforts by all parties to work together to build bridges of understanding and co-operation to strengthen world peace and security.

“Additionally, SOFEX provides a window for participating countries to share benefits from the high technology on display and to build joint investments. In this regard, the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) features highly.

“One who attended the first exhibition in 1996 can see today the vast achievement that has been realised. The exhibition is given due attention by His Majesty King Abdullah II with support from the Jordanian Armed Forces, as well as SOFEX team, all Jordanians working tirelessly to ensure its success.”

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