SOFEX 2016

Looking beyond [SOFEX16D1]

10 May 2016

SOFEX is the world’s largest international defence exhibition focusing on special operations forces and homeland security in the Middle East and Africa (MENA) region, but, says the show’s managing director, Amer Tabbah, “We are looking beyond the number of the participating companies.

Building strategic partnerships and relations among the world’s defence companies and promoting co-operation and the exchange of expertise is one of SOFEX primary objectives.”

He notes that the number of companies taking part in the 11th exhibition is almost 400. “The SOFEX team has worked tirelessly on preparations for this year’s exhibition to make it the most memorable one. Every effort has been made to provide all facilities and secure the best infrastructure, ensuring everything goes smoothly,” Tabbah says.

He points out that preparations are not limited to the time before and during the exhibition; the all-Jordanian team strives to maintain contacts with exhibitors and participants, providing them with all services that meet their needs and help them to fulfil the objectives of their participation in a most effective manner.

“This world-class event has become the most prominent on the world map of defence exhibitions. It has gained this position due to Jordan’s secure and stable environment as well as to the country’s policy based on moderation and tolerance as illustrated by the Amman Message launched by HM King Abdullah II in 2004. The most important success accomplished by SOFEX was the establishment of a national base of defence industries, with King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) at the forefront.

“Organising SOFEX in Jordan has contributed massively to the revival of several sectors, including services, telecommunications, transport, tourism, the media and many others. SOFEX is not just an exhibition; it is a meeting point for world leaders, army chiefs and decision-makers who work together to enhance national and public security all over the world,” says Tabbah, thanking local companies and sponsors for their contributions to SOFEX.

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