SOFEX 2016

Keeping vehicles on the move [SOFEX16D1]

10 May 2016

The General Directorate of Gendarmerie, Maintenance Department (outside Hall 3), is tasked with keeping its wide range of vehicles operational, as well as upgrading these vehicles to enhance their capability and extend their operational lives.

The Jordanian Gendarmerie is showing its unarmoured and some armoured vehicles.

The latter include the locally manufactured Al-Jawad (4x4) internal security vehicle, some of which are fitted with a front-mounted obstacle-clearing blade.

The Gendarmerie has also taken delivery of a number of ex-British Army Saxon (4x4) armoured personnel carriers (APCs) and some of these have been modified with a retractable mast-mounted surveillance package on the left. Some have also been fitted with a front-mounted obstacle-clearing blade, while others are used in the command post role. Armament, when fitted, is a roof-mounted machine gun.

While most of the armoured vehicles are wheeled, a quantity of Alvis Spartan tracked APCs have also been upgraded. This includes replacing the original Jaguar 4.2-litre petrol engine with a more fuel-efficient Steyr M16-VTI diesel developing 192hp, which gives a top road speed of 80km/h.

The cupola-mounted 7.62mm machine gun is retained, as are the banks of grenade launchers.

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