SOFEX 2016

Fire from afar [SOFEX16D1]

10 May 2016

Turkish weapons manufacturer and defence contractor Roketsan (Hall 1, Stand A110) is promoting its long-range anti-tank missiles UMTAS, and the laser-guided L-UMTAS, both designed to enable attack helicopters to defeat modern main battle tanks with heavy armour penetration. The systems are said to be capable of operating in all weather and day/night conditions with ‘fire and forget’ and ‘fire and update’ modes with a maximum range of 8km.

UMTAS, with the flexibility provided by its lock-on-before launch, lock-on-after launch, and lock-on-update capabilities, offers extensive engagement to targets behind the mask position with adjustable hit point and enabling damage assessment.

L-UMTAS is equipped with a laser seeker, while the follow-on version will have an imaging infrared (IIR) seeker, to be used from a common launcher.

Development and qualification of the L-UMTAS were completed in 2015 and the missile has demonstrated its capability from the T-129 ATAK helicopter against land targets, and from the SH-60 Sea Hawk against sea targets. With the success of these firing tests, L-UMTAS production has been started for the Turkish Armed Forces, with deliveries to be made within 2016.

L-UMTAS and CİRİT, defined as the official laser guided missile systems of the T-129 ATAK, use common designation characteristics for combined optimised solutions, creating a more lethal effect.

L-UMTAS can be integrated on various platforms such as helicopters, UAVs, land vehicles, stationary platforms, light assault aircraft and naval platforms.

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