SOFEX 2016

Aiming for Jordan [SOFEX16D1]

10 May 2016

Hard on the heels of completing the final contract over two years to integrate a sighting system for Colombia’s fleet of Cascavel light armoured vehicles, Rippel Effect Systems (Hall 1, Stand B106) is now pursuing opportunities with Jordan.

The South African-developed IGS-4S compact video sighting system is utilised in conjunction with vehicle-mounted weapons in calibres from 7.62mm to 125mm.

“This makes it ideal where cost, mass and space constraints of smaller vehicles are important considerations,” explained Dawid Fourie, marketing executive at Rippel Effect. “We are indeed in discussions with Jordan’s KADDB, as well as with other customers in the Middle East.”

With its 24/7 below-armour observation and ranging capability, the system enables the operator to fire the weapon in all weather conditions, low visibility and darkness. It has a laser rangefinder, day camera, uncooled thermal imaging and a multifunction screen, which displays aim points and system parameters, as well as controls for the thermal camera.

Rippel Effect is renowned for its multishot XRGL40 extended-range grenade launcher, designed to fire low and medium velocity 40mm grenades accurately to 800m, as well as less-lethal ammunition from the same weapon without any reconfiguration.

The company has entered production of its six-shot RLL37/38 and RLL40 Less Lethal Launcher. A key feature distinguishing its less-lethal product is the ability for the operator to skip between different rounds without opening the launcher. Most importantly, it is mechanically operated without requiring extra gas or pump action to advance the cylinder to the next round – and it indexes as fast as the operator can pull the trigger.

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