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First batch of Overlander trucks delivered to ADF

14 April 2016
The 12 vehicles handed over to Australia by RMMVA on 7 April as the first batch of Land 121 (Overlander) trucks consisted of 6 examples of the HX77 (shown) and 6 HX40Ms. These are the first production examples of the next-generation HX2 range. Source: RMMVA

Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles Australia (RMMVA) has delivered the first batch of Land 121 (Overlander) trucks to the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

The 12 vehicles, handed over on 7 April in a ceremony at Gallipoli Barracks, near Brisbane, represented the first of more than 2,500 medium and heavy protected and unprotected trucks to be delivered under Phase 3B of the long-running Land 121 programme.

Trucks involved in Land 121 programme are from RMMV's HX range of high-mobility tactical trucks. Australia will be the first customer to receive the latest uprated HX2 variants, deliveries based around a mix of HX40M (4x4), HX42M (6x6), HX77, HX81, and HX45M (10x10) vehicles. Configurations include cargo, cargo with crane, tipper, medium recovery, ILHS (DROPS/PLS), fuel/water, heavy equipment transport (HET), bridging, and heavy recovery variants. Around 1,100 protected trucks are included in the order, these fitted with RMMV's Integrated Armour Cabin (IAC). The standard unarmoured cab fitted to the remainder of the fleet retains fixings for RMMV's Modular Armour Cabin (MAC), an appliqué solution similar to that fitted to UK and New Zealand HX deliveries.

As part of the award, RMMVA will also deliver almost 3,000 modules, with local partners including Sea Box Australia, which will deliver more than 2,100 flatracks for the ILHS system; Varley Group, which will supply more than 550 stores/maintenance modules; Holmwood Highgate, which will supply 276 tankers as well as water and fuel modules; and RPC Technologies, which will provide interface units for Australia's yet-to-be-delivered GDELS Ribbon Bridge and support boats.

In service these trucks will replace fleets of Mercedes-Benz Unimog, Mack and Mack S-Liner trucks.

Under a separate award Haulmark will manufacture and deliver 1,700 trailers of various types, the first 70 of which were officially accepted on 7 April.

The HX range of tactical trucks ordered by Australia is also in service with, or has been ordered by, a number of users that the ADF could conceivably interact with, including the armed forces of Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

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