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Russia reveals 3M-14T cruise missile range

21 October 2015

Key Points

  • Russia has conducted its first operational deployment of the domestic 3M-14T system
  • The apparent precision of Kalibr-NK/3M-14T missiles suggests the possibility of an alternative terminal guidance solution

The launch of a salvo of some 26 cruise missiles from Russian Federation Navy's Caspian Sea Flotilla against targets in Syria on 7 October has verified the range capability of the Novator Experimental Design Bureau) 3M-14T cruise missile.

The 3M-14T (US Department of Defense (DoD) designation: SS-N-30A), which is a variant of the submarine-launched 3M-14, is surface vessel-launched sub-sonic conventionally armed land-attack two-stage cruise missile. The 3M-14 is understood to be based on the two-stage 3M-54-1, a variant of the three-stage 3M-54 Kalibr.

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