DSEI 2015

Anti-jam in miniature [DSEI15, D4]

18 September 2015

Raytheon UK (Stand S9-230) has unveiled MicroGAS, the latest development in its family of anti-jam products designed to protect GPS receivers against the full range of hostile jamming threats, including narrowband, broadband, continuous wave, pulse, swept and spectrally matched.

Currently being evaluated by customers in UK and USA, MicroGAS is a small but powerful ‘one- box’ solution, containing a multi- element antenna and anti- jam processor in single unit housed on top of the GPS receiver.

The system easily connects to the radio frequency of the receiver’s external antenna port without any modifications, and it draws no current from its single, self-contained long -life AA battery until jamming or interference is detected.

‘‘Typically, jammers swamp satellite signals to a standard antenna, resulting in complete loss of GPS navigation or timing. However, MicroGAS can null out the effect of the jammer by adjusting the gain profile of the antenna itself,’’ explained Roy Donelson, director of Programme Delivery and Mission Assurance at Raytheon UK.

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