DSEI 2015

Minehunting demonstrated [DSEI15, D4]

18 September 2015

Northrop Grumman (Stand S5-310) successfully demonstrated the ability of its AQS-24B minehunting system to perform synthetic aperture sonar processing at 18 knots in real time in field tests at the US Navy Central Command in Bahrain, in May this year. During the tests the AQS-24B successfully executed 12 out of 12 missions.

In separate Tactics Development trials in Panama City, Florida, it achieved a record long single sortie tow duration of 16.25 hours from a surface ship. The AQS-24B is designed to detect, classify and localise modern mine threats through its enhanced minehunting sonar and is the world’s only deployed and operationally proven high-speed airborne minehunting system.

Rapidly deployable, the AQS-24B delivers highresolution, side-scan sonar for real-time detection, localisation and classification of bottom and moored mines at high area coverage rates.

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