DSEI 2015

Cerberus is top dog [DSEI15, D4]

18 September 2015

Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance (Stand S6-150) has launched an addition to its canine digital video link capability, called Cerberus. This is mounted on the dog’s back with a hinge-up camera and, according to Cobham, ‘‘offers a new capability to specialist dog units’’.

The system uses the same state-of-the-art coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing microwave transmission system as used in the Cobham Collar Cam system launched in 2014. This is claimed to give excellent image quality, even when the dog is moving at speed and out of sight at typical ranges of up to 300m.

The new Cerberus system is mounted on a special harness on the back of the dog and is supplied in conjunction with a robust portable Cobham NanoVue wireless receiver, which can be handheld or chest-mounted by the handler. The receiver includes a high-resolution screen, video and audio output and internet protocol streaming, which allows video received from the animal to be streamed immediately to control rooms.

It also features an optional built-in recording capability that is useful not only during training exercises but also for post-operational analysis.

Cobham has also developed a new software-defined radio platform, SOLO8, which is designed for point-of-view, body-worn and concealment applications. Two enclosure variants are available: ‘Robust’ provides a passively cooled IP66 rated enclosure ideal for outdoor or body worn applications; ‘Concealment’ is an ultra-miniature package for integration into concealment solutions.

Other new products from Cobham include an aerial refuelling coupling and the Telemax 4x4 Explosive Ordnance Robot, which is being introduced at the show.

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