DSEI 2015

Spring water [DSEI15, D4]

18 September 2015

Imagine a remote village hit by a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, leaving it without electricity and life-giving water supplies. It happened in Nepal recently. Israel-based Water- Gen (Stand S9-152) believes its ‘Spring’ battery-operated portable water purification system, shown at DSEI, is the answer. "Drinking water is crucial during disaster scenarios, and therefore the Spring unit was specifically designed for quick response and portability, providing full flexibility for national and international rescue operations," says Arye Kohavi, founder, president and joint-chief executive of Water-Gen.

Able to filter 100 litres per hour, the Spring continuously monitors the water quality, and will shut down automatically in the event of a filtration or system malfunction.

The multi-barrier reverse osmosis filtration system ensures the suitcase-sized Spring not only filtrates and sterilises the water from microbiological contaminants, but stabilises the pH balance. It is able to filter out chemical contaminants, including pesticides and poisons such as arsenic − an important consideration when terrorist attacks have taken place.

According to Kohavi, Spring can filtrate any water source, including irrigation systems (which are often drain-water), ponds and rivers. It can provide a safe and clean water supply for an entire village, operating during the day and charging the battery overnight.

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