DSEI 2015

The right mix [DSEI15, D4]

18 September 2015

A new test service has been introduced by Bal Seal Engineering Inc (Stand S2-365), offering original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) verified performance results for Bal Seal spring-energised rotary/face seals used in aerospace and defence gimbal applications.

Aerospace gimbals used for targeting, surveillance and threat detection require precise positioning and must overcome internal drag to function efficiently. Seals within the gimbals protect sensitive optoelectronics from environmental contaminants that can compromise performance.

The new gimbal seal test equipment measures friction and leak rate using customer-defined hardware tolerances and operating conditions, including pressure and speed.

Fixtures can accommodate seals up to 22in in outside diameter, and can be modified for larger seal dimensions. The fixtures can produce a wide range of pressures and exert specific frictional forces to accurately simulate a seal’s performance under real-world conditions.

"It’s a balancing act," says David Fogel, director of business development at Bal Seal Engineering. "Sealing gimbals requires the right mix of friction, leak rate and service life. We consider all these factors when recommending a seal material, profile and energiser, but testing can reveal opportunities for improvement or refinement.

"Our new test service gives customers the added confidence of knowing that a seal will meet their requirements upon delivery. They get a better solution and a faster time to market."

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