DSEI 2015

Radiation detection training [DSEI15, D4]

18 September 2015

CBRN/hazmat training systems house Argon Electronics (UK) (Stand S4-270) is showcasing its latest radiation detector simulator at DSEI. The ADM-300 simulates the analogue and digital display of the radiation detector, the dose rate of the radioactive material and the status of the meter, with varying alarm threshold settings.

The ADM-300 replicates the Canberra ADM-300A series radiation meters, including the new V1B radiation meter, which detects beta and gamma radiation and is currently in service with the UK MoD and the US Air Force. The ADM-300 is also compatible with Argon Electronics’ PlumeSIM chemical and radiological detector simulation instruments, and other Argon simulators.

This provides for multidetector and multithreat training within the same operational scenario.

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