DSEI 2015

Kill the fire [DSEI15, D4]

18 September 2015

Detecting and extinguishing a fire in the early stages could minimise or even avoid injury or equipment damage. This is the speciality of Finland-based Mikro-Pulssi (Stand N3-453), whose ExAct Titan fire protection system suppresses fires in vehicles within milliseconds.

ExAct Titan automatically detects fuel explosions, armour penetrations, and even slowly growing fires. Extinguishing a fire immediately prevents temperature rise and pressure build-up inside the vehicle.

Not only does this prevent personnel injury or death, but also avoids vehicle downtime.

ExAct Titan is a modular system, protecting the vehicle through its entire lifecycle. It can be adapted to any modifications of the vehicle, thus offering cost-saving in logistics and training.

The system can be installed in all areas of the vehicle, from the engine to the crew compartment. By using ecofriendly fire extinguishing agents, the crew will be unaffected.

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