DSEI 2015

Ballistic soap [DSEI15, D4]

18 September 2015

With a view to evaluating the behaviour and effectiveness of projectiles, UK defence technology company SDE (System Design Evaluation) (Stand S4-268) employs hydrocode simulation techniques to model ‘ballistic soap’. Hydrocode modelling techniques provide analysis of ultra-high-speed events.

This enables SDE engineers to simulate complex phenomena, including projectile penetration, blast wave formation and structural interactions and sympathetic reaction of energetic materials. This is done early in the process, before pre-production and live firing trials, thereby offering real savings in time and money.

‘‘Similar work has been undertaken using hydrocode techniques, but we as a small specialist firm are the first people to be able to provide this area of highly specialist technical support to the international ballistics and munitions sector,’’ said business development manager, Steve Mannings.

According to Mannings, SDE has already supported a manufacturer to rapidly evolve its projectile design from concept to manufacture.

‘‘We assisted with design optimisation and importantly, closed off concepts that were likely to offer very limited performance improvement early on in the process.’’

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