DSEI 2015

Uplifting UGV [DSEI15, D3]

17 September 2015

Croatian robotics survival system house DOK-ING, in co-operation with UK chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) specialist Lutra Associates, is showing the latest, air mobile variant of its MV 4 rugged unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) at DSEI, on Stand N2-264.

Designed to support combat engineering operations in hazardous environments, including CBRN, the MV 4 UGV can be equipped with a range of tools and appliances to allow combat engineers to remotely dig, lift, clear obstacles, roll, de-mine and mark routes at distances of some 1,500m from the vehicle control unit.

The MV 4 weighs around 5 tonnes and is qualified for deployment by helicopter, tactical transport aircraft and parachute.

Close to 100 MV 4s are currently deployed in Afghanistan to support the US Army in Operation Enduring Freedom. Lutra Associates chief executive Tim Otter said: ‘‘Both the combat engineering and CBRN environments are hazardous and UGVs have a real potential to significantly reduce the risk to people carrying out these tasks.’’

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