DSEI 2015

Flycatcher makes a comeback [DSEI15, D3]

17 September 2015

Thales Nederland has restarted production of its Flycatcher Mk 2 integrated air defence search and tracking system on the back on a new order from Germany for a single system for range monitoring and measurement.

Originally introduced in the late 1990s, the Flycatcher Mk 2 command and fire control centre provides the core of a hybrid, integrated layered air defence system able to simultaneously control both guns and missile systems. The system was sold to Venezuela, where it has been integrated with both 40mm guns and the Rafael Barak-1 surface-to-air missile.

Designed for rapid deployment and high mobility, the Flycatcher Mk 2 consists of two dedicated shelters on one trailer. The technical shelter hosts the radar equipment (with the associated radar/electrooptical director mounted above), while the operator shelter contains the operator consoles.

The systems can be integrated with both 35mm and 40mm guns, and very short-range air defence missiles.

Thales has brought Flycatcher Mk 2 back to the market having last year received a €16.8 million contract award from the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) to supply a single system. While this unit is intended for range monitoring only, the company believes there are a number of emerging international ground-based air defence requirements for which Flycatcher Mk 2 would be ideal.

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