DSEI 2015

Liquid screening made simple [DSEI15, D3]

17 September 2015

Link Microtek (Stand S4-450) is boosting airport security with a new liquid explosive detection system (LEDS), EMILI 3, being shown for the first time at DSEI.

Jointly developed by Link Microtek and Emisens, and approved to European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Standard 3, EMILI 3 is an ECAC Type B LEDS designed for noninvasive screening of individual unopened bottles or other containers.

EMILI 3 employs a combination of patented dual-mode radio frequency/ microwave, infrared and gravometric sensing technologies, which can identify the contents of an unopened container within a second. No X-rays, high-power lasers, static magnetic fields or high voltages are involved and therefore the EMILI 3 scanner has none of the effects on heath and safety associated with other types of screening equipment.

Measuring 720mm (h) x 540mm (w) x 540mm (d) and weighing 25kg, the scanner boasts a small enough footprint to be installed on any tabletop, with no special adaptations or consumables to replenish.

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