DSEI 2015

Simply point and throw [DSEI15, D2]

16 September 2015

A ‘throw and go’ UAV with good sensors is just the thing to get some view from up there in the battlefield.

UK-based Blue Bear Systems Research (BBSR) designed, developed and built the 2kg man-portable iSTART (on Stands S2-380 and S7-310), which has a wingspan of 75cm.

The fixed-wing UAV delivers 40 minutes’ endurance covering a 5km radius, with a maximum speed of 20-30kts.

Supporting a range of sensors, including optical and IR cameras, iSTART forms an important component of the future soldier system. Payload installation is quick and involves no tools.

Deploying iSTART requires no piloting skills. A point-and-click interface enables the operator to set the destination, then point the sensor in the desired direction for launch. No human intervention is needed from launch to landing.

A full-motion video feed becomes available immediately after the vehicle boots up.

Dr Yoge Patel, chief executive of BBSR, said: ‘‘iSTART is a mobile, highly portable tactical asset that a single soldier can task while on foot to deploy eyes in the sky.’’

Customised solutions available for iSTART include integrated communications and data relay to a base station, as well as hot-and-high capability.

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