DSEI 2015

Evidence captured [DSEI15, D2]

16 September 2015

Rigaku Analytical Devices (Stand N5-196), a US manufacturer of handheld and portable Raman spectrometers, has unveiled a software release for its Progeny ResQ chemical detection system, giving users the ability to capture high-quality digital photographs of samples using the integrated camera.

This capability supports the increasing demand for comprehensive documentation of crime scene evidence, rapid response efforts for hazmat incidents, and other demanding chain-of-custody applications.

Progeny ResQ provides the industry’s most comprehensive library, including more than 12,000 common materials, toxic industrial chemicals/toxic industrial materials, chemical warfare agents and explosives, along with 300 critical compounds.

Incrementally building on the existing capability of barcode recognition, the integrated camera in the front end is now capable of capturing images of test samples and seamlessly integrating them into the results database.

Captured images are automatically linked to analysis reports, where they can be viewed on the instrument or exported to a computer.

Further updated features include the addition of new compounds to the instrument’s library, as well as further improvements in analysis speed and usability.

With its 1,064nm excitation laser, Progeny ResQ can measure coloured solids and liquids, as well as substances through containers, overcoming issues of fluorescence interference that affect other handheld devices.

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