DSEI 2015

FlyingFish gets airborne [DSEI15, D2]

16 September 2015

UK company Horizon Technologies (Stand S6-296) is showcasing and demonstrating the latest addition to its FlyingFish, a lightweight, airborne SIGINT system used to monitor satellite phone traffic. The second-generation FlyingFish replaces the currently operationally proven Legacy FlyingFish, which was introduced two years ago.

‘‘Our customers have been asking for a lighter-weight tactical system that can be integrated on a range of unmanned aerial vehicles.

FlyingFish is a product designed for those countries who do not, or cannot, operate some of the SIGINT systems offered by the large US prime contractors,’’ said John Beckner, Horizon’s CEO. ‘‘We have had great success in this niche market to date and many of our customers who use Legacy FlyingFish want to be able to install it in UAVs to complement their manned ISR aircraft.’’

FlyingFish is now operational with a number of NATO and other air forces and has a failure-free record in supporting customer SIGINT missions on three continents, fighting terrorism and sea pirates.

In August, Horizon finalised a more than USD1 million contract from a NATO repeat customer, which is deploying the system in aircraft patrolling the Mediterranean in support of Frontex to stem the flow of refugees from North Africa.

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