DSEI 2015

Night into day [DSEI15, D1]

15 September 2015

OPTIX JSC of Bulgaria (Stand S6-200) is showing its newest product, the all-weather NVA‑10 clip-on device (above) that in combination with any riflescope converts a weapon into a fully functional night vision weapon system. The clip-on device incorporates mirror lens objective, which results in a reduction of the overall length, reduces the maximum weight, and performs with a field of view of 10°. Manual gain/brightness control is an option.

It is applicable to a wide range of weapons, from assault rifles to the most precise long-range rifles, ensuring crisp and clear images during the night.

Also on display is the new LRF 905-500 (below), a compact laser rangefinder clip-on to the company’s thermal imaging scopes for the military and law enforcement sniper teams, with various features for ballistic corrections and reticle designs.

The LRF 905-500 increases the chances of precision shooting by adding the distance factor, ensuring proper measurement on more than 500m and facilitating the snipers’ calculations on target acquisition.

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