DSEI 2015

Breathe easy with mix and match filters [DSEI15, D1]

15 September 2015

Bioquell Defence (Stand S3-356) is introducing its mix and match concept, with a range of interchangeable CBRN and fresh air filtration units, filters and controls suitable for armoured vehicles and shelters, to provide life support for a crew of up to 17 personnel.

The product range includes a compact direct CBRN unit, a cyclonic CBRN unit that is ideal for desert environments and a shelter CBRN unit for rigid or tented structures.

Alongside its CBRN units, Bioquell’s fresh air filters deal with fine dust particles, providing a comfortable working environment and protecting sensitive equipment from damage.

As well as providing protection during periods of conflict, the UK company also offers fully compatible options for training and peacetime operations. Its control options include functions such as pressure monitoring, audible and visual alarms and system indicators.

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