DSEI 2015

Protection for Puma [DSEI15, D1]

15 September 2015

Welsh aerospace business Air Covers Ltd (Stand S9-421), a designer and manufacturer of protective covers for the European, Middle East and African helicopter industry, has won a competitive tender from the Ministry of Defence to provide protective covers for the Royal Air Force’s Puma Mk2 helicopters.

The company has supported UK Apache, Merlin and Lynx helicopter fleets on operations since 2008. The upgraded Puma Mk2 will operate in some of the world’s harshest climates far from home. The contract, worth £75,000, is to be delivered in less than three months.

"This was a tough design challenge," said John Pattinson, managing director of Air Covers.

"Military helicopters bristle with antennas, cameras, hoists and sensors. Effective covers must fit like a skin in high winds, repel heat and sand in the desert and insulate in the Arctic. They have to be fast to fit and safe for the aircraft. Although our processes require laser scanning, 3D modelling and CNC prototyping, it was probably our track record in Canada, Scandinavia and the Middle East that proved most important when proposing a solution."

Air Covers also supplies offshore oil and gas fleets, search and rescue, private and corporate helicopters.

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