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Stealthy stalker [DSEI15, D1]

15 September 2015

Supacat (Stand N9-360) is unveiling its latest Light Reconnaissance Vehicle 400 Mk 2 at DSEI this year, which is aimed at emerging special forces requirements for a highly mobile vehicle that can be easily transported in the widely deployed Boeing CH-47 transport helicopter.

The original LRV 400 Mk 1 was shown here two years ago and was developed in partnership with Qt Services.

As a result of potential customer feedback, the latest LRV 400 Mk 2 has been under development since early 2014, with the first examples already undergoing company trials.

The first customer-ready trials vehicle will be completed shortly after DSEI and development will be completed by mid-2016.

The latest vehicle is based on a Land Rover Discovery base automotive platform, which has been adapted by Supacat for the more demanding military application. This enables the LRV 400 Mk 2 to be supported through the extensive Jaguar Land Rover global spares network.

The baseline LRV 400 Mk 2 is in a 4x4 configuration, but can be converted into a 6x6 model, which provides the user with a significant increase in payload, capacity and operational range.

It has a gross vehicle weight of 4,200kg, of which 1,700kg is payload, and a crew of three or four. Both left-hand drive and right-hand drive models will be marketed. The top road speed is being quoted as 160km/h, with a road range of up to 800km.

The vehicle is powered by a Land Rover 3-litre V6 turbo diesel engine that develops 256hp, coupled to an eight-speed automatic transmission, and high and low permanent all-wheel drive with central differential locks. Crossaxle differential locks can be supplied as an option. For a high level of cross-country mobility, the LRV 400 Mk 2 is fitted with front and rear independent double-wishbone air suspension, which also offers variable ride height and lock-out bump stops.

Various lightweight armour, weapons and communications systems can be fitted. A typical weapon installation would be a 5.56mm or 7.62mm machine gun on a swivel mount alongside the driver and rollover protection on which could be a ring-mounted .50 machine gun or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher.

According to Supacat, the LRV 400 Mk 2 fills a gap in its product range between its HMT Series (Jackal, Coyote and Extenda) and its quad bikes.

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