DSEI 2015

Monitoring from afar [DSEI15, D1]

15 September 2015

Xenics Infrared Solutions (Stand N3-627) is introducing the third member of its high-resolution Xenics Core Infrared OEM product family here at DSEI. The Stirling-cooled XCO- 640 MWIR (mid-wave IR) module is based on a new platform with similar image processing features to the high-resolution OEM XSW-640 (short-wave IR) and XTM-640 (thermal imaging).

Designed for long-range monitoring in highly demanding perimeter control, law enforcement and homeland security applications, the XCO-640 is said to provide unprecedented stability and optical performance, offering a rugged set-up with several 22x zoom lens options and different focal lengths.

The new XCO-640 imaging core integrates comprehensive onboard image processing. LACE (local area contrast enhancement) reveals relevant details of a scene unnoticeable due to small temperature differences and long-distance capturing. The LACE algorithm dynamically adjusts contrast variations in certain image areas by selectively enhancing bland areas while leaving high-contrast areas unchanged.

AGC (automatic gain control) enlarges contrast on a global scale, allowing for manual or automatic control of the sensor’s offset and/or gain parameters. NUC (non-uniformity correction) compensates, along with bad-pixel correction, offset and gain variations for a good image under varying environmental conditions. The XCO-640 core can be operated with different sensor types, based on either MCT or InSb detector materials, and offering up to 300Hz full frame rate for tracking fast-moving objects.

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