DSEI 2015

Sealed for good [DSEI15, D1]

15 September 2015

UK manufacturer Air-Seal Products (Stand N9-291) is promoting its tyre sealant, a water-based product containing aramid fibres, that seals punctures up to 30mm in diameter, stops rim and bead leaks and protects tyres from pressure losses.

The sealant works effectively as a standalone tyre management solution in a wide range of extreme conditions and has been used successfully during recent operations in the Middle East and other operational theatres.

It can be used in on- and off-road vehicles, on all-terrain vehicles such as the Supacat Jackal and the Yamaha Grizzly, and on plant such as container handlers, improving operational reliability and reducing downtime.

A single treatment of the sealant should cost less than the full cost of a tyre repair, will outlast the life of the tyre and will even extend the usable life of that tyre.

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