IDEX 2015

China reveals armed vehicle [IDX15D4]

26 February 2015

Being shown for the first time outside China is the Poly Technologies 07PD (8x8) vehicle fitted with a turret armed for anti-tank guided weapons (ATGWs). Displayed in the ready-to-launch configuration, these missiles are laser-guided and are fitted with a tandem warhead to defeat targets fitted with explosive reactive armour. They have a maximum range of 10km and a circular error of probability of less than 1m.

Mounted between the two pods of boxed ATGWs is the day/night sighting system.

The missile itself is designated the PA02-MA and, in addition to being launched from ground-based platforms, also has other launch applications.

The 07PD (8x8) chassis is also being used for a number of other variants, including an armoured personnel carrier, 120mm mortar-carrier and one for the mobile gun system role. The latter is fitted with a three-person turret armed with a 105mm rifled gun and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

Poly Technologies (Stand 10-E25) is also marketing the PA01 automatic high-manoeuvrability tactical missile system. Based on a 6x6 APC type platform, this is very similar to the widely deployed China North Industries Corporation WZM551/ WZ551 vehicle.

Integrated onto the rear of the hull is a launcher cell for 12 missiles.

When travelling, this retracts into the hull, but when required for action, it is elevated into the vertical position prior to missile launch. The missile is the Poly Technologies PA01-GA intelligent tactical precision strike missile, which has a launch weight of about 100kg and a maximum range of 40km.

The PA01-GA is claimed to be capable of attacking stationary and moving high-value land and sea targets, and is fitted with a high-explosive penetrating warhead.

The missile is believed to use a mid-course guidance system that comprises an inertial navigation system and satellite link. For the terminal attack phase, the missile uses a nose-mounted electro-optical infrared seeker.

These two missile systems are being marketed individually or as part of a complete battlefield target acquisition and engagement capability from Poly Technologies.

This could be tailored to meet the end-user’s specific operational requirements, and also includes unmanned aerial vehicles, battlefield surveillance radars, command and control elements, and 120mm mortars firing laser-guided projectiles out to a maximum range of 8km.

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