IDEX 2015

France markets special forces vehicle in Gulf [IDX15D4]

26 February 2015

ACMAT, part of the expanded Renault Trucks Defense Group (Stand CP-300), has brought its latest Bastion PATSAS HM (4x4) special forces (SF) vehicle to IDEX 2015. The Bastion has already seen operational service with Chad.

Based on the proven ACMAT chassis, the Bastion PATSAS HM is fitted with an armoured body that provides protection from small arms fire, shell splinters and some types of mine and improvised explosive devices. Ballistic protection is to STANAG 4569 Level 3. The upper part of the vehicle is open to provide enhanced situational awareness for the crew and roll-over protection is standard.

As with any type of SF vehicle, the weapon fit depends on the end user’s specific requirements. The vehicle shown at IDEX is fitted with a ring-mounted .50 M2 HB machine gun that provides 360° coverage.

The driver and commander are seated to the immediate rear of the engine compartment and are provided with bullet/splinter-proof windows that can fold forward onto the bonnet when not required. The commander would normally operate a 7.62mm machine gun on a swivel mount, with two more mounted one on each side at the rear.

Typical gross vehicle weight of the vehicle is about 13 tonnes. In addition to the crew of commander and driver, it would normally carry another three men to operate the weapons.

The ‘HM’ in the designation denotes high mobility, for which the Bastion PATSAS HM is fitted with independent suspension rather than conventional axles. It is normally powered by a 180hp or 215hp diesel, which can be coupled to a manual or an automatic transmission.

For use in long-range reconnaissance and penetration raids, large fuel tanks are fitted to give a range of up to 1,200km.

In addition to the SF vehicle, ACMAT has also sold significant quantities of the fully enclosed armoured personnel carrier version known as the Bastion HM. This has been sold to at least four countries in the region.

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