IDEX 2015

New run-flat tyre rolls into IDEX [IDX15D4]

26 February 2015

Tyron Runflat (Stand 07-C20) has announced a new development for its well-established rubber, multi-piece run-flat inserts for wheeled armoured fighting vehicles. The Tyron military run-flat tyre is now available with Friction Shield.

At the heart of Friction Shield is a sealed lubrication system that bursts following deflation of the tyre. This provides the right amount of lubricant to ensure the tyre is not damaged further, by reducing the heat generated by friction between the insert and the inside of the tyre itself. This enables the vehicle to continue functioning over longer distances and at higher speeds.

The lubrication system is sealed in sachets to prevent it from drying out or becoming contaminated. It is permanently attached to the run-flat itself, which makes it impossible to omit when changing tyres.

Tyron Runflat markets a complete range of wheels and run-flats that are used by the military, police and emergency services.

The company’s All Terrain Rubber (ATR) run-flats are used by the military all over the world, including Bangladesh, Egypt, Kuwait, Malaysia and Oman, to name but a few.

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