IDEX 2015

Strike with accuracy [IDX15D4]

26 February 2015

Previously shown at the last Dubai Air Show, the Al Tariq precision-guided munition is being displayed here by Tawazun Dynamics. Jointly produced by Abu Dhabi-based Tawazun Holdings and South Africa’s Denel Dynamics, the Al Tariq is a modular IN/GPS-guided glide bomb kit, designed to fit Mk 80 family 500lb to 2,000lb bomb bodies, with pop-out wings and moving control surfaces.

The standard Al Tariq has a range of up to 40km (depending on release height), but the company offers bolt-on propulsion options that can boost its range to 200km. Increased accuracy is possible by the addition of semi-active laser or imaging infrared seekers. This makes the weapon a direct competitor to Sagem’s AASM and Boeing’s JDAM-ER.

During recent trials, the Al Tariq demonstrated impressive accuracy, even in the most demanding scenarios, proving able to engage off-axis targets and then to attack them from a different direction during the terminal phase. This allows the pilot to select the best attack direction and impact angle, but requires the weapon to manoeuvre dynamically and perform dog-leg course adjustments. Extensive testing has demonstrated the weapon’s ability to dynamically determine its own flight path according to preprogrammed launch and terminal guidance conditions.

Al Tariq scored a number of direct hits, with miss distances of less than 50cm.

Al Tariq is the first product of the Tawazun Dynamics company, a joint venture between Tawazun Holding (51 per cent) and Denel (49 per cent), announced on 20 September 2012. Al Tariq is a derivative of the Denel Dynamics Umbani precision-guided bomb kit.

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