IDEX 2015

A belt of security [IDX15D4]

26 February 2015

In early 2001, the GCC established the first phase of a joint air defence command and control system. Hizam al Taaun (HAT, or the Belt of Co-operation) provides secure communications between the national air defence command and control centres of the GCC states, providing a degree of joint early warning capability, and enhancing co-operation.

Within the UAE, a sophisticated Emirati Command and Control System (ECCS) has been established, following the placing of a February 2011 contract with the Emiraje Systems LLC joint venture. This provides an over-arching strategic C4ISR IT framework that integrates, co-ordinates and federates existing systems, including the UAE’s air and space operations centre (AOC) and the Saab 340AEW Erieye (pictured).

The new Extended Air Defense Ground Environment-Transformation (EDGE-T) programme promises to provide a battle management system with a Link 16 backbone. This will integrate UAE and allied air defence systems (including SHORAD, as well as PAC-3 and THAAD).

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