IDEX 2015

Giving the SkyRanger a sharp eye [IDX15D4]

26 February 2015

Imaging quality just gets better by the day. Canada-based Aeryon Labs (UM-10) has just revealed its Aeryon HDZoom30 capable of capturing very high-quality, clear images from long stand-off ranges.

Rating it as the “new standard for clarity and precision in unmanned aerial imagery”, Aeryon claims its HDZoom30 enables operators of its SkyRanger sUAS to capture high-quality video and stills at more than 300m from their target. From this distance, ground crews can recognise a face or read a licence plate with the new payload. It has up to 30x optical and 60x digitally enhanced zoom, with 1080p recorded video and 20MP still image resolution.

Commercial sUAS operators would typically use the HDZoom30 for close inspection tasks on critical infrastructure such as power lines, flare stacks and cellular towers.

It would be possible to read a serial number on the structures from 30m range.

“The Aeryon HDZoom30 payload revolutionises aerial image capture,” affirmed Dave Kroetsch, Aeryon Labs president and chief executive. “It certainly raises the bar for the industry.”

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