IDEX 2015

Advanced 9mm ammunition [IDX15D4]

26 February 2015

RUAG Ammotec (Stand 08-A15) has introduced a 9x19mm high-performance round at IDEX. In tended for use by military and law enforcement applications, the new Hexagon ammunition is claimed to be more accurate than 9mm rounds in current use.

Hexagon is a hollow-point round, but unlike standard hollow-point bullets that are designed for deformation and expansion, the Hexagon is set up only for optimal accuracy. According to the company, in recent tests the mean diameter of dispersion at a range of 25m was smaller than 25mm.

Each round has a small opening in the tip for a more aerodynamically favourable silhouette, resulting in a flatter trajectory with a reduced loss of velocity. The six stabilisation grooves on the nose of the bullet produce the so-called ‘golf ball’ effect. This means that the air turbulence that is caused by the bullet rotating along its long axis lends extra stability to the bullet’s flight.

These changes also result in the bullet’s centre of gravity moving rearwards, leading to an improvement in accuracy. The long cylindrical shank leads to a better barrel fit, while the closed-base design eliminates lead emissions in the shooter’s environment.

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