IDEX 2015

Nimr shows its Talons [IDX15D3]

25 February 2015

Raytheon and Nimr Automotive, part of the Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC), have joined forces to equip Nimr armoured vehicles with the Talon laser-guided rocket (LGR) system.

Developed by Raytheon, the Talon LGR is a low-cost, digital semi-active laser guidance and control kit co-developed with the United Arab Emirates.

The Talon guidance section fits directly to the front of the legacy 2.75in Hydra-70 unguided rocket.

According to Raytheon, Talon’s architecture and ease of employment “make it a low-cost, highly precise weapon for missions in urban environments, as well as counter-insurgency and swarming boat defence missions”.

The Nimr 6x6 tactical platform provides modular system integration to support a full range of missions, including armed reconnaissance, infrastructure defence, defensive fire suppression and border security.

Each Nimr vehicle will carry 16 Talon LGRs using a Raytheon remote weapons station (RWS). The RWS enables Talon to be fired from both stationary and moving vehicles, while an elevated sensor/designator enables the Talon and anti-tank missiles to be fired from concealed positions, ensuring lethality and survivability for the ground vehicle.

“In partnership with EDIC, we are providing an affordable, near-term and reliable solution,” said Michelle Lohmeier, Raytheon vice president of Land Warfare Systems.

“Integration onto the Nimr vehicle further demonstrates the versatility of Talon.”

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